South Tomiton

Mall Details

Tomiton, also known as the Toyosaki Lifestyle Center, is an indoor mall in Tomigusuku, Okinawa. The shopping center offers a wide variety of specialty shops, restaurants, food and drink vendors and even fast-food options on the first floor of the main building. In addition to that, the center of the food hall is often used for exhibits or family-friendly fun events such as a trampoline park. However, the area typically features an indoor jungle gym that is set up if nothing has been planned. The second floor of Tomiton has an arcade and other specialty shops.

The 2nd floor connects the Tomiton building to a Dasio, a 100-yen shop, through its exit. From there, you can take the stairs down and follow the corridor to other shops such as Ryubo Food Center, Shoe Plaza, and even Sports Depot.

In the parking lot, you will find a Blue Seal and a sushi restaurant.
Parking, Handicap Accessible, Japanese Menu, English Menu, Japanese Staff, Takeout, Television, Highchairs, Seating, Snacks, Fountain Drinks, Wi-Fi, Non-Smoking
Payment Methods
Japanese Yen, Credit Card(s)*