Places in central Okinawa

Editor Review

  • You can get lost in this store!
We were originally window shopping for a headlamp while doing some price checking and researching to see which one would give us the brightest range for the buck.

We saw that the Exchange carried a Petzl Tactikka +RGB with 250 lumens for $49.95, but that was the maximum intensity that the Exchange carried in headlamps and Amazon didn't have it, therefore it couldn't be price matched.

So, we headed on over to NEOS Okinawa, even though we knew we might pay a bit more from their selection.

We were ecstatic to see That they carried a Black Diamond Storm 375 (lumen) headlamp at 5500 yen (5940 yen including tax). Moreover, the cashier said that they had a discount of 1000 yen for following them on LINE, taking our purchase down to 4,940 yen ($45.63). The cashier also assisted us in getting a point card where we were able to accumulate 98 points which can be applied to future purchases, too!

We also tried to troubleshoot the thing the car before taking off as we wanted to take our daughter to explore inside the Todoroki Cavern. For the life of us, we couldn't figure it out. After giving up 10 minutes later, we took it back in where they were able to quickly spot what was wrong with it: The included batteries were low.

They grabbed new batteries, installed them, and it worked perfectly fine—all for free!