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  • Friendly staff
  • Great business practices
The staff there was very friendly and understanding.

We missed our planned and last habu show of the day by 10 minutes. However, the manager allowed us to keep our habu tickets and stamped them to use another day, saving us 210 yen per ticket as we bought the free pass.
Great food with an awesome view to pair it with. You can't go wrong at Cafe Curcuma (Thai in the Sky)!

A panorama from outside Cafe Curcuma overlooking the Pacific.
I'm very pleased with the same day neutering services provided by Cherubium Animal Clinic. I was able to drop my cat, Mickey, off in the early morning and be able to pick him up before dusk. I want to say that it was a little over 5000 yen for the whole process which includes taxes and the initial examination fee, which wasn't too costly.

The English spoken there is a little rough, but they have signs posted with translations and there are enough non-verbal communication cues to understand what is needed to be done.

While I may be happy with the final outcome, Mickey might not feel the same way about it. ☺


  • Inexpensive sushi
  • Family-friendly
  • Busy at times
This particular Hamasushi (Hamazushi) branch offers quite a lot of seating and is a great family-friendly restaurant to enjoy some local fresh sushi, with the 'entertainment' of a sushi-go-round (conveyor belt sushi) to grab your grub. We went as a party of 5, of which, 2 were kids and they absolutely loved it; if anything, I would choose this sushi place, if you're going as a family, to keep kids occupied in order to have some conversation.

The pros of it being family-friendly and inexpensive definitely outweigh the cons of it being busy at times. Just plan ahead that on the 1st or 15th (i.e., military paydays), there may be a wait. Other than that, you can't beat this place!