Central DoCoMo Shop Chatan

Business Details

DoCoMo is one of the top three cellphone carriers in Okinawa. This particular branch offers both DoCoMo phones and plans as well as Disney Mobile, a Disney-NTT partnership, phones and plans. There are very friendly staff that will greet you at the door. If you are unable to speak Japanese, they will refer you to their in-house English speaker that will provide the outstanding customer support that anyone should receive. The staff will then sit down with you and explain the plans and options to see which best fits your lifestyle, wherein you can choose to opt into their service, or not, in a fairly short process.
Business Services
Cellular Services, Repair Services
Parking, Handicap Accessible, Japanese Menu, English Menu, Japanese Staff, English Staff
Price Range
Pricey (¥¥¥¥¥/$$$)
Payment Methods
Japanese Yen, Credit Card(s)*