Amusement and attractions in Okinawa.
  • Central Sango Batake – Coral Farm

    Sango Batake is a small but wonderful place. Its mission is to replant and repair coral into the surrounding sea and also to educate on the...
  • Central Yomitan Gala

    Yomitan Gala is a set of restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions located overlooking the ocean near Route 6 and Murasaki Mura Ryukyu Kingdom...
  • Central Round 1 Stadium

    Round 1 Stadium in Ginowan is an amusement and relaxation center where one can get almost 24-hours of entertainment or even relaxation—it has...
  • Central Club SEGA

    Club Sega is an arcade located in the heart of American Village that offers games that the whole family can enjoy, from little tikes to adults.
  • Central Ferris Wheel

    A must do while in Okinawa for a short stay or long term is to ride the iconic Okinawa Ferris Wheel with friends, family, or on a date.