Central Café Pipineo

Café Details

Café Pipineo is a lovely café that is neatly tucked away in Uruma; some may say that it's quite possibly even difficult to find if using GPS as it may make you believe that you're headed to the middle of nowhere due to it being located off of the typical main roads. Nonetheless, GPS will not lead you astray and you will end up at Café Pipineo with a spacious parking lot.

It's been described as a modest-sized Western-style house with an interior that has an outdoor plant-like appearance to liven up the white walls and grass-like flooring, which will make your stay there much more relaxing. Apart from what you would expect to be served at a café—such as desserts, delicately decorated—they serve what might be considered home-cooked kinds of pasta and more.
Parking, Japanese Menu, English Menu, Japanese Staff, Takeout, Reservations, Seating, Wi-Fi, Non-Smoking, Birthday Celebration, Anniversary Celebration, Pet Friendly
Price Range
Moderate (¥¥¥¥/$$)
Payment Methods
Japanese Yen