Places in central Okinawa

Editor Review

  • Friendly English speaking staff
  • Lots of comfortable seating
  • Having to wait on au HQ to resolve an issue on their end
After dealing with many off-base au Shops that had both Japanese and English speaking staff, as well as on-base kiosks, this location provided the best customer experience that was ever experienced.

Ririko Higa took her time (in English) and clarified different features of a phone, checked if a different model was available anywhere in Japan, explained each plan level to ensure that I was getting exactly what I wanted, helped me understand the terms of it in the process, assisted me with unlocking my auID to verify my age for LINE usage (which took more time as it was an official au HQ issue), assisted the transfer my contacts over to a new phone, and more.

If you’re ever in need of a cell phone plan, or home internet for that matter (as a bundle), and decide to go with au, definitely stop by this au Shop.

And hey, if there are going to be long waits (there was none on the day that I went), you’re in Mihama! This place is within walking distance to many places to see and visit while waiting your turn.