Umikaji Terrace Beer On Senaga Island
A day late, but still fitting as a Tuesday treat and a throwback Thursday! I had to pull the ole Rebel T6i box out the closet to see the receipt and the purchase date: 12/09/2016—been shooting 3-years now and my work has come a long way. This is actually a re-edit of an old post made on here on January 5, 2019, about Umikaji Terrace written by my wife, @Snow. Even though it's a pretty old shot, my knowledge of framing was good enough where I could get some good crops out of this, but the post-production from 1/2019–1/2020 has come a long way!
You thought you got me... didn't you? No, Okinawa holidays got the best of me. This Tuesday eloquently fell on the 31st, the day I started prepping for much more content delivery for New Year's Eve and New Years day than just a Tuesday shot.

However, I failed. More on that one, tomorrow... 😇