Tagoochi Beach long exposure
Photographer Doug

Tagoochi Beach long exposure

First time trying out long exposures, turned out great!
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Great first time!

The only thing I don't like about long exposure on the streets is the street lights having a starburst effect. Depending on how big it gets can really kill a photo (not this one, of course).
Tagoochi Beach is one of my all time favorite places. Will be going back for more long exposures! This was a windy night so it took awhile for a good clean image.
It took me a while, and I got sunburned, to get a clear picture for what I will post tomorrow as the Tuesday Treat, so I completely understand that! It can be frustrating dealing with the wind and timing it just right, especially when you want the clouds to be in there too.

My camera weighs too much for the tripod I have so in the slightest of wind, it will sway ever so slightly, even if it's not even extended and the legs are wide out for the most support. I'd say a new tripod is high on my list to replace. However, I need a dehumidifying dry cabinet—as that'd be cheaper to buy than replacing a lens (or multiple :eek:) with mold inside—and would like to get a Tamron 150-600mm G2 first.

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