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Shisa Blowing Off Some Steam
Just a shisa blowing off some steam after last-minute Christmas gift shopping at the Exchange. This is located slightly off Kokusai Street between the Tsuboya Pottery District and the Hyatt Regency Naha.
I wasn't too concerned with finishing up our Christmas shopping today, on Christmas Eve. In fact, I actually ran into a friend of mine while at the Kadena Exchange while finishing our shopping as he was finishing his too, which was quite a surprise, to know that we weren't alone, but more to see him again. 😯

However, as I was looking at camping gear and pricing some things out for the next year, I forgot to grab things that I needed My daughter wants to be a YouTuber, so we created a channel, ラナチャンネル. As I knew this, I bought her a GoPro Hero 8 Black during Black Friday. Maybe, as I learned my friend has a child of the same age, they can collab at one point? We shall see. 🤔

What I didn't know until today is that it didn't come with a memory card; and thought at that price, why not? Anyway, I forgot to pick one up. Additionally, I forgot to get the "selfie-stick" too. So, it's basically just a camera in a box at the moment and isn't really usable without some accessories. 😬

...Now, I just have to blame it on Santa's elves... 🎅😡😂 ...then go out and buy them myself... Hopefully, I receive the $100 in gift cards that AAFES owes me for my Star Card purchases in the mail before the PX reopens though.

Even though I was looking to get her 100 subscribers for Christmas, I was still able to get 50. I am not disappointed one bit as the channel alone has no content besides a profile picture and cover photo.

We're working on building the intro and piecing together bits and pieces for actual videos to be posted (we will do a GoPro unboxing). Surely that will attract the real subscribers. 🤘