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Love the reflection on the water. I'm surprised that it's as prominent as it is, even at a fairly fast shutter speed (1/126)—are you using automatic settings? ?

...if so, let's try and get you out of that mode as you've got great framing and composition. ?

I'm assuming that it's a fairly calm lake? I've never been, but would assume that there's barely any wind to disturb it.

I would try and capture less sky in this shot as nothing much is going on in it, such as colorful clouds or a blue sky, and get more of the reflection in the water.

But, what do I know? I'm still a novice myself working with a Canon 5D Mark IV and you're making your T6 work better than mine with that shot already.
I am indeed using automatic mode, I have messed with manual but need to learn all the features.
I plan to purchase a booklet on manual mode and the best settings for all types of scenes.

It is a very clam lake, surrounded by trees to limit the wind. One of my favorite places to relax and enjoy the view. Ill post a few more photos of this area.

Have you heard of the new Canon R series coming out soon? Very high spec camera with 8k video!
4K and 8K doesn't impress me in a DSLR/mirrorless camera as if I wanted to shoot video, I'd get a Cine camera or RED instead.

In my opinion, cameras should focus on their core competencies and be cameras. As far as video goes, there are so many frames per second that someone could take video or burst video to find the best frame for a photo.

The only thing I was awaiting with Canon and their mirrorless (full frame) line was in body image stabilization (IBIS) as all lenses they initially released didn't have any image stabilization—the slightest movement in the wrong settings could give you motion blur. No worries with IBIS, and hopefully future RF lens release to have image stabilization too. Quite the duo there!
Indeed, I'm happy with my phone video quality (Iphone 11).
IBIS would be very helpful paired with lens stabilization.
I think the new canon R series will be alittle out of my price range.
Would be interested in recommendations for a upgrade to my T6.
Would be interested in recommendations for a upgrade to my T6.
At this moment, it seems like you're more interested in the tilt screen from a previous conversation. If going full-frame and you didn't invest in any EF glass, I would go with a Canon 6D Mark II as it'll give you a full-frame sensor that's much better than the T6's, more rugged in the weather, and will most likely be closer to your budget, even pairing it with a used weather-sealed EF lens such as a F4L 24-105.

If you're content with crop bodies, you could go with either the Canon 80D, saving some money over the 90D, or the Canon 90D. Just make sure that your current lens isn't being packaged with it, say if you have the 18-55mm kit lens, try and get the 18-135mm kit lens with either one so you have two.

Either way that you decide to go, you can take your T6 body to Kitamura Camera to try and get trade-in value for it. You might get a 50mm Nifty Fifty for it plus a couple of bucks. Just be aware that it's 50mm with the 6D II and 80mm with the 80D/90D due to the 1.6x crop factor. The Nifty Fifty is an excellent lens to have all around, without dropping $1300 on the f/1.2 L version. You just have to be cautious that your bodies are weather-sealed, but the 50mm (and other kit lenses aren't).

I have the 5D Mark IV and will hold off until the true specs of the Canon R5 cone out, and even then, probably still wait for an R5 II so that not only will I have used the 5D Mark IV to its "end of life", but, I will have a solid body with a lot of EF glass that I can attach with an adapter and also upgrade some to RF without breaking the bank as I'm sure it'll drop in price by then (that above $1300 EF f/1.2 on RF-mount? $2300 now).
Thank you for the suggestions, I do have the 18-55mm lens and a 300mm lens, I would eventually like a higher power lens to capture long distance shots.
Im going to be looking around for used cameras very soon, I was hoping to go mirrorless and opt for the newer style cameras.I’ll have to wait for canon to release a budget camera, then wait for someone to sell it used so I’m not paying the full mark up.
I'm looking at the Canon SL3 for my next camera, I can pick one up for $400 used and use my current lens. What are your thoughts on a SL3? I could opt for the SL2 and not have the 4k video.
and a 300mm lens
I'm guessing that's not stabilized? But it wouldn't matter with a sturdy tripod.
Canon SL3
I wish I could tell you that's a deal. But knowing that you have the T6, it's not that big of an upgrade for that price. With more megapixels, comes noise, but is handled fairly well. Though, the ISO range is much better... It really would come down to if you shoot at low light at that point and whether you want to reduce motion blur too.

However, I couldn't justify $400 over a $450-$500 Canon 6D and slapping a used $100 NiftyFifty on it until you can save more for better lenses.

The body of the 6D will be more rugged to go out with over the SL3 and the image quality may just be on par.
Two new cameras I am considering are : Canon M50, and a Canon EOS RP
What it comes down to is if I want to play the extra price for a full frame camera. Both are mirrorless.

As for my 300mm, yes it does not have a stabilization built in, but I do not use it without a tripod.
Canon M50, and a Canon EOS RP
Both would also require new lenses too (RF for RP / M for M50).

The RP also isn't weather sealed and doesn't have silent shooting for some reason.

I think you'd be better off getting a rugged camera as you like the outdoors, pairing it with a weather sealed lense too, of course.

My recommendation for a cheaper combo would be the 6D with an F4L 24-105. Could be about the same price, but no worries with a bit of rain or even humidity (out here).

Some photographers have humid boxes to keep their gear in; I'll save a couple hundred with Tupperware and the humidity packs to protect my gear from mold through summer.

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