Peace Memorial Park
Photographer Doug

Peace Memorial Park

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I have no idea what you're talking about with this lens not focusing! Great shots!

I know you went into lower light after we split up and that may have been the issue. Try manual focus with live view at 10x (possibly shooting at ƒ/8 in those conditions messed up autofocus where it kept trying to search and lock on something); check your camera body to see the highest aperture for focusing or bump up the ISO. :)

That should solve the issue.

But at ¥2000-3000, you pretty much stole this glass cause the body was "beat up" (faded from its original black finish to a dark grey—that's it!). ?

Just a snippet on the 5DIV:
Autofocus is effective across all 61 points at f/8, and the center point is sensitive down to -3 EV. This increased sensitivity benefits focusing speed and accuracy in low-light conditions, and is especially useful when using a teleconverter along with a slower, longer lens.
See which focus points support it on your camera, change the focus to that point, lock in focus, and move the camera to frame it (or go manual).
This image was with the 15-45 EFM lens, after this I went and found the new lens. Ill start making F/8 my default, seems like it is a number used alot for landscapes.

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Scenery of Okinawa
Okinawa Photography!
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Canon Canon EOS M50
Focal length
42.0 mm
Exposure time
1/320 second(s)
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4.8 MB
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Sun, 21 June 2020 2:06 PM
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