Nishihara 1
Photo near Nishihara, Mainly farm lands.
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Great sepia tones.

Love the "old farm road" right under a "modern" bridge/era. It looks as if old is meeting new in a 50/50 split (take your hand and cover up the bottom half and then the top half to see what I mean).
Thank you! This is very close to the abandoned bus! Shot taken through my windshield of my car!
Wouldn't have guessed it was through a window. Probably why you went that way for the colors?

Even with post-processing, you can't get all of the light reflection out of glass in a typical process; always close, but no cigar. There are a lot of photos through glass in the Family Mart vs. Lawson photos that would have ruined the subjects (food and beer) had it been taken with a cellphone.

I recall seeing a rubber "lens hood" that can be placed against glass and then all reflection is cut, showing pictures from skyscraper windows. But, I'm pretty skeptical of products and ads, especially when they slash prices by like 50% off "for the next 30 minutes". I wish I could try it for myself before buying it, even though it wasn't priced that bad; I just wouldn't want to waste money and have it sit around.

I'll have to try and make something like that on my own before buying the camera-specific one to see if it does make a difference...

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Scenery of Okinawa
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