42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival Fireworks

42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival Fireworks

Fireworks popping off right over my head at the 42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival.
It's great going to a festival in Okinawa that ends in a spectacular firework display.

I inadvertently discovered the location where they were being set off on the first day of the 42nd Urasoe Tedako Festival while trying to find free parking; they just so happened to be det up in the parking lot I chose.

I thought to myself, "Getting closer should get some great firework pictures, right?" Well, I was wrong.

Getting close is a thrill with having them pop off and boom right over your head, but not for taking pictures, even at 24mm, as wide as I could go.

I wish I had been able to correct this by finding another location the next day of the festival, which I did by using Google Maps Aerial Reconnaissance, along with street views and other views posted in Maps by various people. However, due to inclement weather, I didn't get that chance as the 2nd day was canceled.

Not next year! And not any other festivals if I'm going to shoot fireworks either; I'm prepared this time!

This is my best shot from the show, though.