There are several distinguishing banners that appear throughout the community on Okinawa.Org. Below are those banners and what they signify.

Staff & Official Accounts
Banner Description & Requirements
Okinawa.Org Staff
A banner of "Okinawa.Org Staff" indicates that the account is working in an official capacity of Okinawa.Org. For security purposes, they are not labeled with the specific duties that they perform. However, they may be an administrator that oversees the entire operations, to include business dealings outside of the community; a global moderator that moderates large aspects of the forum; a moderator that is assigned one or more areas within a smaller section of the forum; or general Okinawa.Org staff such as a proofreader or social media manager. Opinions posted by such members do not necessarily reflect the company's ideals.
Official Account
Official Accounts are mere accounts controlled by staff members to perform specific tasks throughout the community such as posting news, guides, answering questions, etc. There is not nessarily a human behind these accounts to assist in any support matters, so it is best to take it up with an Okinawa.Org Staff banner holder.

Member Banners
Banner Description & Requirements
Founding Member
Eligibility for the Founding Member banner requires a membership from the launch of Okinawa.Org on December 31, 2018 to December 31, 2020, wherein the banner will become inactive, but can still be awarded past the effective inactive date if certain criteria is met during that time period. It is awarded based on forum participation, such as, but not limited to: Contributions to include casual conversation to posting media and leaving reviews of places visited in Okinawa.
Guest Blogger
Eligibility for a Guest Blogger banner is quite simple: Add your knowledge or experiences on Okinawa in the form of a post in the Okinawa Blog. All postings are up to scrutinization by Okinawa.Org staff before being posted.
Trusted Blogger
A Trusted Blogger banner is bestowed to those, who may or may not be a previous Guest Blogger, that continually create engaging content in any aspect of Okinawa and have 100% creative freedom to post in the Blog as they wish.
Eligibility for the VIP banner is membership for one year with a minimum of 500 contributions in this community. It can also be awarded to members in other circumstances not meeting the Okinawa.Org criteria such as, but not limited to, displaying heroism or doing something extraordinary for the Okinawa community at large. The highest example of this would be Todd Christensen due to his heroic actions taking part in saving lives on February 9th, 2019.