Looking to bring in the New Year in a non-traditional Western way? Try it with a dash of Okinawan culture in the mix this year by attending the Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival.

The Mabuni Fire and Bell Festival is an event held at the Okinawa Peace Hall, located within Peace Memorial Park, to send off the old year and bring in the new with peace in mind, specifically speaking the horrors of war and the outcome of peace that was brought upon the world after WWII, with attendees as young as children and as old as senior citizens all gathering to bring in the New Year together.

Instead of bringing in the New Year with the usual display of fireworks, a great sacred fire is lit for those souls that perished and a bell of peace will ring out.

This event will be held on December 31st from 2200 to January 1st at 0100.
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Okinawa Events
Okinawa Peace Hall, 448 Mabuni, Itoman, Okinawa, Japan

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