If you love the scent of flowers or even the beautiful look that some may have, this is one festival that you don't want to miss! There will be about 5 million cosmos flowers on display at the Cosmos Festival 2020 in Nago. And, not everyone is the same: They will have reds, pinks, and white tones that will be on display to admire!

This is something an event that any flower lover will absolutely enjoy attending!

Before leaving, don't forget to pick up some cosmos flowers; though, they will be a fee and will need to be picked up from a designated area.

If you get hungry, keep in mind that this is combined with a food festival too. There will be a chicken and rice flour contest sweets contest as well which is bound to fill you up for sure!

If you're a photographer, this event might give you amazing backdrops!
The cost of the event
Free entry; 1000 yen if you'd like to purchase 3kg of rice; unknown fee for cosmos flowers
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Japan, Okinawa, Nago, Kawakami, 羽地ターブックヮー(コスモスの絨毯)

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