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Job Opening
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Opening Date
Apr 27, 2020
Job Location
  1. Central Okinawa
We are currently accepting resumes for Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer, Medical Administrator(PEBLO)

Place of Performance: Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan

General Description:
Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer provides Disability Evaluation System (DES) guidance in accordance with established DoD guidelines, data collection, medical coordination, Service member/commander/stakeholder advising, and procedural work related to Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) processing and Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) reevaluations in accordance with applicable instructions, regulations and directives.

Specific Tasks:
• Responsible for obtaining, assembling and forwarding all required documents and records for active duty, AFRC and ANG to the Veteran Affairs Medical Service Coordinator, the local MEB, the IPEB, the FPEB and other Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) stakeholders in accordance with regulatory guidance.
• Ensures LOD processing is accomplished for each IDES case.
• Provides guidance to all ranks of military personnel from all branches of the uniformed services, retirees, and families of those being processed through the IDES program of their rights, benefits, privileges, or obligations.
• Coordinates evaluation appointments; schedules follow-up appointments and appropriate referrals related to benefits.
• When the Service member is incapacitated or incompetent for pay purposes and unable to manage his/her own legal affairs, the PEBLO provides guidance and assists the legal next-of-kin on the Service member’s rights and benefits.
• Serves as a liaison between the Service member, their respective commander and a multidisciplinary team of primary care managers, other appropriate healthcare professionals, medical care case managers, non-medical case managers (e.g., Recovery Care Coordinators (RCC)), patient administration personnel, the Office of the Airmen’s Counsel (OAC), the PEB and the Military Department Wounded Warrior Program liaison or advocate.
• Processes Review-in-Lieu-of (RILO) MEB cases for assignment limitation codes as directed or required by AFPC/DPANM and in accordance with established AF guidance.
• Receives and responds to inquiries from beneficiaries, DoD Components, other agencies, and various interested parties.
• Provides guidance on activities with appropriate points of contact throughout the Military Health System (MHS), the line of the Air Force agencies, (i.e. Military Personnel Flights, Comptroller, Air Force Personnel Center (AFPC), Transportation, Aeromedical Evacuation), the Department of Veterans Affairs (i.e. Veterans Benefits Administration [VBA] and Veterans Health Administration [VHA]) to best meet the member’s needs for information or assistance.
• Assists in preparing appeals, impartial medical reviews, rebuttals, and coordinates the assignment of Service member’s legal counsel.
• Updates local program documentation, i.e., patient handouts, training documents, checklists, operating procedures.
• Maintains and safeguards both hard copy and electronic medical information.
• Discloses medical information to authorized personnel in accordance with Privacy Act of 1974, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines.
• Assists the medical professional staff and other staff members on the regulatory and procedural aspects of profiling and disability processing. Provides MEB orientation program and on the job training for assigned staff personnel as required.
• Tracks all assigned cases, analyzes performance against established standards.
• Monitors/updates cases in VTA or other tracking tool as the case progresses through the IDES process.
• Analyzes available data using various statistical analytic tools, measuring means, trends, statistical deviations, constructs diagrams, histograms, charts, etc., to convey IDES performance to IDES stakeholders.
• Provides reports, briefings, training and respond to inquiries from senior leaders.
• Coordinates patient travel for members opting to appeal to the FPEB. Assures necessary
arrangements are made for members to travel on temporary duty status to and from other locations as required.
• Initiates actions to facilitate Emergency Family Member Travel for Very Seriously Ill and Injured Service members.
• Advises service member and medical staff on PEB findings and assists in preparing appeals and rebuttals and coordinates the assignment of legal counsel.
• Must have the ability to work cooperatively and interact in a positive and professional manner with patients, care giver(s)/support system, case managers, providers, and co-workers; work productively with minimal supervision.
• PEBLO shall attend and participate in meetings, staff conferences, and other appropriate activities as directed by QI.
• Ensure that contract personnel maintain open and professional communication with other personnel. Complaints validated by QI and TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (TOPA) Flight Commander shall be reported in writing to the contract administrator and the PEBLO for action. Failure of the PEBLO to correct validated complaints raise by the MTF staff and the Commander will be considered a failure to perform.
• Monitors the effectiveness and efficiency of the local MEB, Line of Duty, and TDRL programs using the TRICARE Operations Self-inspection Checklist and other related AF instructions.
• Maintains professional working relationships with all personnel in the work section.

• Associate Degree (AA) in business administration, management or health care organizations from an accredited college or university.

• Two years’ experience as a PEBLO within the DoD military health system in the last 6 years; or five years’ experience working in a civilian disability program; or two years’ experience as a VA Medical Service Coordinator (MSC).

Knowledge and Skills:
• Ability to plan, organize, and manage functions and staff within an MTF to meet program objects. Knowledge of the military healthcare organizational structure, major issues, policies, procedures, and operations related to the management of the healthcare delivery systems.
• In-depth knowledge, experience, and training to handle and solve complex cases that arise when addressing fitness for duty or physical disability evaluation issues.
• Tact, diplomacy, and restraint in counseling and explaining entitlements, benefits, and responsibilities to all customers.
• Effective interpersonal communication skills to effectively accomplish the IDES process.
• Excellence customer service principles, methods, practices and techniques analytic methods, to include using research tools and statistical analysis and, interpersonal relations practices.
• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to motivate, train, and work effectively with a diverse workforce. Must be able to draw realistic conclusions and recommend viable solutions.
• Ability to gather data from various sources, analyze data, statistical analysis, prepare statistical reports and recommendations for improvements.
• Skill in applying fact finding, analytical, and problem solving methods and techniques.
• Knowledge of DES processing regulations, instructions, procedures, and policies to assure timely case processing.
• Practical knowledge and understanding of the TRICARE program.

Base Location
  1. Kadena AB
Job Title
Medical Administrator (PEBLO)