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Well, Orion Beer released their WATTA chuhai brand on May 14, 2019 and I was determined then to give them a try. However, each store I visited that day had already sold out. In fact, I've heard rumors of some supermarkets selling them the day before their official release, which explained the empty shelves when I sought them out!

But alas, tonight while making my routine stop at Family Mart on my dog walk, I saw that they were finally stocked to the brim with Orion WATTA Relax, WATTA Strong, and WATTA Strong Dry.

I first grabbed an Orion WATTA Strong, a 9% alc. by volume chuhai with a shikuwasa and a fruit juice mix for my walk. I was hesitant at first to try it because there have been other shikuwasa flavored chuhais I tried in the past that were gag-reflex worthy.

Orion Beer's WATTA Strong

Orion definitely nailed this flavor as it has a hint of shikuwasa and some unknown fruit flavors that are pleasing on the tongue and not over-powering with a steel or alcohol flavor.

On the way back from my dog walk, I decided to give the other two a try. I picked up WATTA Relax and WATTA Strong Dry, as well as another WATTA Strong, just because.

Orion Beer's WATTA Strong Dry

After getting home and ensuring that @Marron was taken care of, I gave the WATTA Strong Dry a taste test.

It has no added fruit juices, as its WATTA Strong counterpart does, and just a base of vodka with a hint of shikuwasa flavor. I was hesitant to give it a try as it is basically a vodka highball with what one could only describe as a squeeze of natural shikuwasa. I thought maybe, just maybe, this one would be like the many other "DRY" chuhai drinks that are just unbearable.

I was wrong. It was absolutely great! It was just as good as the STRONG was. For those that are calorie conscious, this one saves approximately 10 calories too!

Orion Beer's WATTA Relax

After I finished my WATTA Strong Dry, I ran to the fridge to give the Relax, a 4% alc. by volume shikuwasa flavored chuhai, a try.

The 4%er definitely was stronger in the case of having a shikuwasa flavor, but a lot more sugary in that you could imagine that you're drinking an Okinawan version of Mike's Hard Lemonade. This one definitely isn't for me, although I will finish drinking it. Additionally, for whatever reason, it is less caloric than the other two aforementioned drinks.

All-in-all, it's a tossup between WATTA Strong and WATTA Strong Dry for me. Both have favorable characteristics that I enjoy, and, both are also a 9% alcoholic beverage, which is a plus.

I'm looking forward to what Orion Beer puts out in their second release of chuhais!

If you are in Okinawa and haven't given them a try yet, I recommend doing so. And, if they ever do export these to the States like they do some bottled Orion Beer, pick up a can or two. You won't be disappointed!

Which one is your favorite, and why? Comment below!
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