Weather Typhoon Maysak Headed To Okinawa

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All residing in Okinawa should be prepared for the landfall of Typhoon Maysak by now. However, there are a couple more hours for quick last moment preparations around and inside the home to be made.

Ensure that everything is tied down and secure. Further, check that window and doors seals are protected so that no water can be pushed through by the gusting winds.

If necessary, fill a bathtub of water in the instance that power is lost one may still have potable water if there is no stock on hand.

Typhoon Maysak is forecasted to hit as a Category 4 Atlantic hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, packing winds of 220km/h (140 mph) with significantly higher gusts. While Okinawa may not get a direct impact, the path shows that the strongest portion of the typhoon—the top right quadrant—will brush over the prefecture, which can cause significant damage.

Be cautious if the direction of the typhoon changes northward and the storm rapidly clears, as this will only be the eye. When the eye passes, the strong gusts will promptly return, making for a dangerous situation if caught outside and unprotected.
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