Parks are a great place to relax with friends and family on a warm day and Okinawa has tons of them to enjoy. There's only one problem.

The popular ones like Zanpa Park and Comprehensive Park are always crowded!

If you're looking for quiet parks with room for you, the kids, or your friends to run around in, this list contains lesser-known locations you'll want to add to your next weekend 'to visit' list.

Here are the top 5 unknown parks in Yomitan.

Kaneku Seaside Park​

A map of Kaneku Seaside Park.

This park is technically located in Kadena but I included it due to its convenient spot not far from highway 58 heading toward Yomitan. Here you'll find stunning views of the East China Sea on the seawall connected to the park. The best part? It's usually empty!

There are walking paths, perfect for a morning jog or evening stroll. The park also has several benches where you can sit and take in the scenery.

There's a basketball court, tennis court, and a large field perfect for playing soccer. Also, the Kaneku Seaside Water Garden Facility is located across the street from the park. The one-of-a-kind facility contains a playground with water whooshing down the slides and a few small pools begging to be splashed in by tiny hands and feet. Perfect for cooling the kids down on a hot day.

Kaneku water park.

Great for relaxing and sports, this out-of-the-way park has a lot to offer.

Tomarigusuku Park & Toguchi Kids' Park​

A walkway through Tomarigusuku Park.

Situated near Toguchi Beach (you can park in the same parking lot) these parks are a double feature and have something for kids and adults.

For the little ones, there's a massive slide and sandy play area where they can run around and enjoy themselves.

Kid's slide and sand pit at Toguchi Kid's Park.

Climb the stairs next to the slide and you'll find yourself in Tomarigusuku Park. You can enjoy the peaceful music waving in the air as you stroll along the paths, taking in silent tombs and historical landmarks along the way. It's a great place to unwind and relax.

Tomarigusuku Park walkway.

Just remember to bring water and a hat, as there is little shade on the walking trails.

Furukata Daiichi Park​

Toy ride and slides for the kids.

This park is a deep cut located in a quiet Japanese neighborhood. It's small but contains animal-shaped figures the kids can ride as well as a slide for them to enjoy.

A small walking path encircles the entire park, perfect for getting a little exercise in.

Outdoor kid's gym at Furukata Daiichi Park.

If you want quiet and solitude, this is your park.

Owan Park​

The entrance to Owan Park in Yomitan.

Located only a few minute's drive from the hectic highway 58, this is another park where you can find peace and quiet.

Surrounded by homes, the well-kept park also has animal-shaped rides and a slide the kids will have endless fun with.

There's also a grassy area that is perfect for a small group workout.

Kid's area at Owan Park.

Check out Owan Park for an equal parts relaxing and energizing experience.

Uvanta Park​

  • There is no parking near this park. The best place to park is at the Sobe Public Hall (楚辺公民館) or the Sobe Sports Park down the street. It's a less than 5-minute walk to the beach from there.
The final park is the biggest surprise on the list because it's a less common park + beach combo!

Uvanta Park in Yomitan.

Situated in Sobe (about a 5-minute drive from Torii Station Gate 1), this gorgeous seaside park has a children's play area, a patio for hanging out, a grassy field for play, and a walking path.

Uvanta Park walkway along the beach.

Step one foot off of the walking path and you're on the beach! This seldom-traveled beach is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the water.

A view of the beach from Uvanta Park in Yomitan.

Even during low tide, the water seemed calm enough for snorkeling and swimming. There are also some awesome rocks to explore on the far side of the beach.

If you're looking for a park that has the best combination of features in this article and is not crowded, Uvanta Park is the place to go.


Next time you're in the mood to visit a park, don't go with the usual popular ones. Give these smaller quieter ones a try and have a unique experience in Okinawa.

Get out and explore them all!
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