CHATAN – Retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and avid surfer, Todd Christensen of Sunabe, 54, spotted several divers in the water along the Sunabe Seawall in distress on Friday, February 9th, 2019 at approximately 11:30 AM.

Christensen took notice of an ongoing rescue effort to get people out of the water in the rapidly deteriorating situation that they were in.

There was an unknown individual that came out from a local dive shop with a rope. Christensen and the unnamed person then anchored the rope to shore, where they came up with a plan to assist the divers.

The plan was for the unnamed person to swim out to the divers with the rope and Christensen to pull them out one by one to get them safely to shore without exhausting themselves too much.

Because of the actions taken that day, they were able to pull the remaining 7 people from the water.

The condition of the divers is still unknown, but they are presumed to be safe.

Christensen said that anyone going out in the water should check wave forecasts to prevent a future mishap from occurring.

He added, "Don’t fight the current," meaning that one should swim at an angle and not directly into it. "Have a backup plan, know where you can exit the water if you can’t get out from the entrance point," Christensen said.
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