Enjoy your day at none other than the multiple beaches that Okinawa has to offer
As you can probably name a lot of things that you would like to do at a beach, finding the beach that allows you to do all of the things you want to do could be just a little difficult.

Swimming and BBQing at Chura SUN Beach

Let's say, you'd love to go for a swim in the water and what you'd want after you get your feet back on the sand is a cold beer that doesn't get warm quickly under the sun. Or, you want to try snorkeling for the first time and need assistance. Or this time, perhaps you can't even get in the water because you have small children to watch.

Either way, there is an awesome beach that you can enjoy in many ways!

Basketball at Chura SUN Beach

Chura SUN Beach, that I personally like to go to occasionally, is a mere 10-minute drive south from Naha Airport and is right under its flight line.

Chura SUN Beach is close to Naha Airport -- planes fly over

The beach is comprised of two sandy areas: One is intended for swimming while the other is for non-swimming activities such as beach volleyball, which I often see teenage students playing at the net set up on the beach.

Chura SUN Beach swimming area Chura SUN Beach non-swimming area

Just in case you are wondering what water sports they offer, here's the list from their website: A banana boat; the big marble, a floatable tug; a snorkeling experience; and sea kayaking.

Full rental list at Chura SUN Beach

Beach supplies such as beach chairs and parasols can be rented for a fee as well, however, if you get bored of just laying down on the beach there are also bikes for kids, adults and even a two-seater tandem that can be rented out! If you haven't ridden a tandem it can be pretty fun trying it as well.

Tandem bikes for rent at Chura SUN Beach

To be honest, as myself being an Okinawan, I am not that much into swimming. Although, I do enjoy drinking a cold beer while gazing at the water. There is often a problem in doing it though, and it's the beer getting warmed up pretty quickly in the sun. But at this beach, I don't even need to worry!

Drinking a beer at Chura SUN Beach

There's a fancy restaurant literally located on the premise that helps you cool down with cold beer! The food offered there can be a bit pricy though, so make sure you have budget enough if planning to eat a lot there.

Rear of Resort Cafe KAI on Chura SUN Beach

Though, there is a cheaper place to grab some quick grub too!

Cheaper food at Chura SUN Beach Cheaper drinks at Chura SUN Beach

Most of the time I visit Chura SUN Beach, I have my dog which isn't allowed to get on the sand. Nevertheless, the pavilions right in front of the water let us enjoy picnicking. In fact, my dog loves to stay there watching other dogs being walked by.

Marron watching other dogs pass by Long pathway at Chura SUN Beach

If you have a chance to visit this clean and amusing beach during the summer, make sure to bring cash for some food and drinks as well as for the on-site parking lot.

Chura SUN Beach parking

Parking for the first 60 minutes is free and after that: May-Oct is 200 yen per hour, and Nov-Apr is 100 yen per hour with 500 yen at the most at 24 hours
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Chura sun beach during winter.


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