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It doesn't matter which side of the world that you came from to get to Okinawa, loving to watch movies is something that most of us have in common.

I know some people love to watch TV in their homes in a totally comfortable atmosphere. However, I believe a lot would still rather go to the theater where they can watch it on a huge screen, emersed in the action.

An outside view of just one of Star Theaters' movie theater, Mihama 7 Plex

"But the movies are so expensive!"

That's the first thing that comes to my mind, especially when our kids nag us to take them to one. But ever since we discovered this awesome deal that Star Theaters offers, that thought stopped popping up in my head anymore!

A Star Theaters Members Card display outside of Mihama 7 Plex

The regular price for a movie ticket is 1800 yen for an adult; 1500 yen for a college or high-school student; 1000 yen for a junior high or elementary school student; and 800 yen for a child 3 years old and above.

They are pretty pricey. However, once you register and receive their member's card, the price will be dropped down to 1500 yen for an adult as well as to only 1000 yen for specific days!

1000 yen movies every Friday at any Star Theaters movie theater!

‘How do I register?’

Believe or not, it’s surprisingly easy! You just have to go to the service counter which is usually set up right next to the ticket machines and tell them that you’d like to get one.

A table setup in Mihama 7 Plex with more information on the Members Card

Although it does cost 500 yen upfront and as an annual fee to renew, they add 500 points to your card.

500 yen annual fee for a Star Theaters Members Card

When your card adds up to 1000 points—with 1 point every 20 yen spent, to include the concessions—they can be applied to watch a movie for free, which comes fairly quick if you're an avid moviegoer. The card can also be used from the day you get it.

As of this post, their special offers for those with the member's card are:
  • Every Friday - 1000 yen/adult
  • Every Monday (men's day) - 1300 yen
  • Every Wednesday (lady's day) - 1300 yen
  • Any other days including Sat., Sun., and holidays - 1500 yen
What you can do with points:
  • With 1000 points you can watch a movie for free.
  • With 300 points, you can watch a movie for 1000 yen.
Once you use any of the above options, the points are deducted so how you’re going to use the points is your choice. But keep in mind to scan your QR code on the card before paying for your food, snacks or drinks for more points.

Concessions menu at Mihama 7 Plex and across Star Theaters

Plan out a date with your loved one(s) and head to any one of the Star Theaters today and don’t forget to get their tasty beer from the bar along with your movie as well!

The movie theater concessions counter at Mihama 7 Plex

Use the member's card at any of these participating theaters:
Mihama 7 Plex (Mihama/American Village) · Cinema Rycom (Kitanakagusuku) · Cinemas Q (Naha) · Cinema Palette (Naha/Kokusai Street) · Southern Plex (Haebaru)
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The ticket machines are also displayed in English:)



When you purchase food and/or drinks don't forget to scan your member's card before paying!

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These on the set menus are the sizes of their drinks: Jr./small, R/regular, L/large

The two flavors for popcorn are salt (塩) or caramel (キャラメル).
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I always want to sign up for the card but kinda forget to. My husband and I love movies but we have babies so we can't go. Maybe when they are bigger I could go more often. I used to work at a movie theater as a teen. Best job ever tbh!
It's never a bad card to run in and pick up while at San-A or 7-Plex.

Who knows? One day you might feel like a churro (I have churro cravings sometimes) and be able to use the point card to collect points to redeem until you can find a sitter and get out to watch a movie with your husband. :)

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