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NAHA -- Naha Airport will open its second runway on March 26, 2020, making it the sixth airport in Japan with more than two runways.

The runway is 2700 meters in length and 66 meters in width. The expansion of the airport of the new runway touted a new control tower. The tower stands at a height of 88 meters, making it the second tallest air control tower in Japan, next to Haneda Airport.

Construction of the new runway began in 2014—taking nearly six years to complete—costing ¥207.4 billion yen (approximately $1.9bn USD). In order for the project to be achieved, 160 hectares of land needed to be reclaimed from the East China Sea. The new runway is approximately 1310 meters away from the runway currently used.

Airplane congestion is and an economic boost to Okinawa was the aim of creating a new runway. After its opening, Naha Airport can stably increase its annual takeoffs and landings from 135,000 to 240,000. It also provides the ability for 24-hour operations of Naha Airport.

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loving how in the same news segment they go from celebrating this (reclaimed land) and complaining about filling Henoko, literally within 10 minutes, damn hypocrites
Naha's waters were, I believe, richer than the waters of Henoko too. But, I'm sure the surveying of that will show otherwise.

I believe that it was the last natural reef off of the coast of Naha, though.
I had a work trip lined up for April, and was excited for not having to deal with the delays anymore... :(

What a shame it opened when traveling is probably at all time low.
I had travel plans to Hawaii for April 7th and was kind of excited to use the new runway myself.

Looks like the travel industry has ground to a halt, which right now, I can't complain.
Well, it will make a good storage area for the planes that are no longer flying. Did they build work hangers their also.
When the typhoons come, will the runway be flooded?

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