The entrance to Round 1 - You can't miss it!

Round 1 Stadium is one of those places in Okinawa that everyone should experience at least once. It's so large in scope and its offerings that it can be difficult to describe.

But, I'll try anyway.

Take an empty dish add a healthy helping of Dave and Busters, mix in some Chuck E' Cheese and Bally's Las Vegas, then top it off with a dash of YMCA and some Japanese seasoning, you'd get this tower of fun that literally has something for everyone.

I recently visited and traversed all 7 floors top to bottom (so you don't have to).

Here are 36 ways you and a few buddies can get in hours of entertainment (and a workout) in this funhouse of joy.

A posted floor guide for Round 1 so you know where all the fun is!

1st Floor - Amusement Floor​

1 - Games: From dance and drum games to serious fighting and casual games, they have it all here (there are also arcade-style games located on floors 2 and 5).

2 - Gambling: Play the ponies or casino games and trade in your chips for prizes.

2nd Floor - Karaoke, Darts, Amusement Floor​

3 - Karaoke: Choose from thousands of songs in English and Japanese.

4 - Darts: Challenge your friends to a game or two.

5 - Amusement Floor: MORE games to keep you entertained for hours.

6 - Photo booths: Step in with some friends and snap some silly photos.

3rd Floor - Bowling​

7 - Bowling: Compete with your friends in a game or two in this amazing bowling alley.
  • The bowling shoes are available via vending machines. The largest size in the machines is a Men's US 10. You'll have to ask the staff about larger sizes.

4th Floor - Relaxation and Comics (Only accessible from the 6th Floor)​

You must check into Spo-Cha on the 6th floor and then take the elevator down to this floor. (confusing, I know)

A relaxation room at Round 1, just to get away from it all...

8 - Sleeping: If you get tired from all the fun, you can take a little snooze in one of these comfy chairs.

9 - Reading: There are plenty of comics and magazines to keep you occupied.

5th Floor - Amusement and Sports (Only accessible from the 6th Floor)​

You must check into Spo-Cha on the 6th floor then take the elevator down to reach this floor.

This floor is where the action is.

So. many. Activities!

Table tennis and other games...

10 - Watching the kids play at the kids' park: There's a huge play area for the little ones.

An area in Round 1 designed for smaller kids and their parents.

11 - Auto tennis: This is like playing tennis in a video game, but in real life.

12 - Rifle shooting: Test your aim with an air rifle.

13 - Virtual golf: Tee off in one of the many virtual golf courses.

14 - Soccer shot practice: Brush up on your skills or show off your accuracy to your friends.

15 - Table tennis: Have a friendly game or two of ping pong.

16 - 3-on-3 basketball: Shoot some hoops with your buddies in this small court.

17 - Kickboxing: Get a workout in or take out some aggression on this menacing foe. 👇🏾

A kickboxing / punching bag game. The skate rink used for skating and go-karting.

18 - Go karts: Race your friends on one of the many go-kart tracks.
  • The go-karts, segways, pocket bikes, and rollerskating all use the same area, so they only run at certain times. You'll also have to sign up in advance if you and your group want to go for a spin. Spots can fill up fast, so sign in as soon as you can if you know you'll want to do this activity.
19 - Segways: Zip around on these cool two-wheeled vehicles.

20 - Pocket bikes: Rev up one of these tiny motorcycles and tear up the track.

21 - Rollerskating: Put on your skates and take a spin around the rink.

There are also more darts, arcade games, and carnival-style games you can play here.

6th Floor - Entrance to Spo-Cha (Sports and amusement area)​

This is the main entrance to the sports and amusement area.

You can purchase tickets via the screens. They offer passes for 90 minutes, 3 hours, and all-day or multi-day passes. Choose your preferred time, then let the games begin!

22 - Mechanical bull riding: Try to ride the beast as long as you can.

23 - Play pool (billiards): There are plenty of tables to have some fun with friends.

24 - Jump around in the trampoline room: Get your energy out in this large room full of trampolines.

25 - Eat: Recharge your energy in the food court (the 2nd Floor also has a food court).

Didn't get enough relaxation or karaoke on the lower floors? This floor won't let you down.

There are more karaoke rooms and a small relaxation room on this floor equipped with massage chairs.

7th Floor - Open Air Sports​

This final floor is where serious athletes can get some real practice with various sports. Rent equipment from the 6th floor, or bring your own.

26 - Soccer: Play a game or practice your skills on the field.

27 - Full basketball court: Shoot some hoops or play a game of full-court basketball.

28 - Balance board (hoverboard): Challenge yourself to stay on this wobbly board for as long as possible.

29 - Archery: Try your hand at archery.

30 - Full tennis court: Practice your swings or play a match with a friend.

Basketball and tennis courts on the roof of Round 1

31 - LED batting cage: Test your batting skills in this high-tech cage.

32 - Segway drift: Challenge yourself by riding this strange device (imagine a Segway but put one on each foot). Good luck!

33 - Catch ball: Try to catch as many balls as you can in this fast-paced game.

Baseball speedball catching practice!

34 - Frisbee: Toss a frisbee around and have a great time.

34 - Badminton: Enjoy a game of badminton with your friends.

36 - Take in the view: The view from the 7th floor is stunning. Take a glimpse at the glittering emerald water in the small boat harbor below.

The harbor view from the rooftop balcony.


Round 1 Stadium is an incredible amusement park with something for everyone. From karaoke to go-karts, there's an activity for everyone in your group.

These 36 activities will keep you occupied for hours, so plan to spend a few hours here or visiting multiple times to get the full experience.
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