Fun things to do in Okinawa
If you have one or more children that constantly need your attention, and especially if their ages are apart, you might have been exhausted every single day trying to figure out what could tire them out.

But that was till yesterday!

I always wished that there had been a place that could satisfy both of my kids, having two children whose ages are 8 years apart myself.

So today, I am introducing you to this amazing park located very south. It's in Itoman, Okinawa, but worth the drive: Peace Memorial Park Children’s Playground (Inochi-no-tamago).

View of Peace Memorial Park Children's Park from the parking area.

Peace Memorial Park Children’s Playground is not just like any other park that is usually built for specific age groups. It can sometimes be difficult to please all your children at the same time in one place if they are ages apart.

But this fantastic park can solve that problem!

Baby's area at Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground Toddler's area at Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground One kids's area at Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground

This park consists of 5 areas in a huge area fitting for any age group. There are many slides from long to short, rope gyms, trampolines, rock climbing, and maybe everything else that you can think of that could be in a park!

Slides, long and short, at Peace Memorial Park Children's Playground Locals, and bigger kids/teens, having fun on the trampolines at Inochi-no-tamago Park Rock climbing walls within one of the play areas at Peace Memorial Park Children's Park

Your kiddo will NEVER get bored at the park choosing what to play with one section after another.

An outdoorsy rock climbing station at Peace Memorial Park Children's Park Peace Memorial Park rope jungle Padded area in the playground

If you’re planning a long stay there, bringing some food is absolutely recommended. I always enjoy having a picnic there. There's fresh air, green grass, the warmth of the sun along with the kids’ smiles and laughs, I can't come up with anything else that could make it better!

Picnic at the dog-friendly park!

As we almost never leave our loving dog @Marron behind, she LOVES to run around, leashed, on the expansive field as well as to get a lot of pets from adorable children playing at the park.

Marron, our dog, enjoying the park!

If you have a dog and are taking him/her along with you, bring some snacks for the local kids at the park to feed your doggie! They will be so excited and can be the ice breaker for your kids to make new friends to play with while there.

It is also nice to feel the soft ground in each play area for children's safety as well.

Peace Memorial Park Playground padded flooring to keep everyone safe

There are quite a few educational parts that you might find around the park! There's a long swirly pipe you can talk through as well as two satellite dishes that face each other which you can speak directly into and hear the other's voice amplified on the opposing dish that will make them wonder how it all works.

A pipe phone to talk through at the park A dish that you can talk to someone behind you at the park Two dishes facing each other that you speak into for the other end to hear

You might have already realized that Okinawa is a paradise with a lot of parks everywhere. However, I’d say Peace Memorial Park Children’s Playground is the best and a must for the family’s quality and fun day out!

Sunset over Peace Memorial Park Children's Park

I hope you’ll have a blast with your kiddos at the park!
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There's an ice cream vending machine to spoil the kids at last so make sure to bring some Japanese yen too! So many resting spots for parents as well. :)


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Is this new?? I have never heard of the place before!
Definitely an amazing park!! Thank you for sharing!!
Is this new??
The Inochino-tamago area, which you can see at the top, was added to the children's park in July of 2017. :)

It has been very popular amongst locals since then. ?

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