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Orion Beer has officially entered the chuhai market with its release of the Watta brand.

The Watta brand seeks to stay true to Okinawa by employing traditional and local flavors whilst embracing the drinking culture and allowing those that cannot drink beer to indulge in chuhais instead.

In their initial debut, they put out three flavors.

They are: Watta Relax which is a 4% alc. by volume shikuwasa flavor; Watta Strong, a 9% alc. by volume shikuwasa and mixed fruits flavor; and Watta Strong Dry which is a 9% alc. by volume shikuwasa flavor.

Orion Beer aims to incorporate the flavors of Okinawa in subsequent releases of Watta as well.

You can find Watta brand chuhais on store shelves beginning today.
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It didn't even make it one year before they publicly announced that they're pulling the plug on WATTA Strong due to health concerns of alcohol dependency and liver damage. They actually stopped production in January, even though they were leading in sales over beer. So what you see on the shelves is what you get, and I would also bet that other companies are going to follow suit on removing their 9% lineups, so enjoy them while they last.

It's a shame because the silver can is the one I liked the most. :cautious:

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