A lot of businesses in Okinawa are suffering due to COVID-19. We can't say that we are one, as some are going bankrupt, but we have been slightly impacted.

We offered our community an ad-free experience for those that chose to sign up. At the time, our revenue was stable displaying ads to visitors only.

However, in the past couple of days, we've noticed a dramatic decline in revenue and have narrowed it down to businesses in Okinawa and Japan (the USA for those using VPNs) choosing to advertise less as well as bidding on certain keywords at lower rates than normal. Meaning, what used to be a hypothetical $0.75 click could be a $0.10 click.

We promised all members an ad-free experience and will deliver such if the poll results show that's what you want—we will not bait and switch.

However, Okinawa.Org's mission is also to help those in need that reside in Okinawa with the funds that we do receive as seen on our About Us page's mission and vision statement.

Today, we're opening a 3-day poll to introduce a couple of options to all members until revenue stabilizes again (this is a private poll and nothing will be held against you):
  1. No ads
  2. One or two non-intrusive ads (as opposed to ~7 for visitors)
  3. A yearly donation/subscription service that unlocks many hidden site-wide features, not to exceed $10
Okinawa.Org is, and will always be, community-driven. We will take this poll into serious consideration as we consider ourselves a democracy: the final say in which option we present at the end of this poll will be up to you all as members.

If there are overwhelming votes to suppress ads, we will respect that choice and ride it out as we have already made the commitment to not show ads to our valued members.

Please take a moment to take our poll so that some system, if any, can be implemented within 3 days. Also, leave a comment below with an opinion, or, just to say "Hi" to all of us behind the scenes at Okinawa.Org.

This venture was started as a hobby and we will continue to run it that way as we are in no way hurting. Though we are only asking to make up for the difference in order to fulfill our mission and vision statement, except shifting to help those in need in the local Okinawa community impacted by COVID-19 with supplies already purchased.
The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of Okinawa.Org.