COVID-19 Okinawa: One Year Into The Covid Pandemic

Covid related information in Okinawa

Coronavirus in Okinawa​

It's been one year since the first Covid infection was confirmed in Okinawa. The virus was first seen in a taxi driver that had contact with Diamond Princess passengers when it disembarked in Naha. From then, it spread to thousands of locals Japanese nationals and nearly one-thousand U.S. military personnel.

Okinawa has 8042 cases of coronavirus infections by local citizens and 940 by U.S. military-related personnel.

There have also been 101 deaths associated with Covid in Okinawa as well.​

Statistics on Covid Infections​

There were 4437 males and 3519 females infected by the virus. The average age of 40-years-old is shared between the sexes.

Due to the bereaved family, only the age of the person to be the first Covid-related death in Okinawa was released; they were in their 70s at the time of death.

Out of the data on the 101 reported coronavirus deaths in Okinawa, there were more people that died complications in their 80s. The youngest person to die in Okinawa was in their 40s.​

Covid Deaths by Age Group​

Below is a breakdown of age groups and the deaths associated with Covid in Okinawa.​

Age GroupDeaths

Additional Information​

Some information to get the clearest picture of Covid in Okinawa is missing due to it being withheld by the government to protect family members. The information provided in this article is up to date with the 251st report of infections and the 66th report of deaths reported by Okinawa Prefecture.

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Editor's note: This article was updated to reflect the 101st Covid-related death in Okinawa that happened on the date of this post.​
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One year went by so fast and so much has taken place in peoples lives. Its got to only get better from now on.

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