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This article is in the series "Marron Matters"
Marron Matters is a series on our blog that follows Marron, our lovable adoptee from Okinawan-American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS), and her new family around Okinawa to anywhere willing to accommodate pets or where allowed.

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My wife, who was already interested in Marron, without showing me the picture of her, told me to visit an OAARS event on Kadena one day. Out of the many dogs and cats there, Marron immediately struck my eye and was so friendly—I wanted to take her home right away.


I sent a picture of Marron to my wife and she said that she was also interested in adopting her. That's when I knew that we had a match for a new addition to our family. That day, I immediately began the adoption process.


A little background on Marron: Her previous owner suddenly moved out from their apartment, leaving her behind in an empty room with just a cracked window. Someone luckily took notice of this and fed her through the opening. Eventually, they were able to gain access to the apartment to get her where OAARS was then able to put her up for adoption.


After hearing about how she was treated and finding out about how nervous she would get if we were to leave her behind, possibly stemming from her past, even in another room for a moment, we knew she could never be left alone.

We were fine with that.


Because of that, Marron, for the most part, travels with us wherever we go—whether it be to the beach or dog-friendly restaurants and cafes—or is always with someone she is comfortable with at home.


There are very few occasions where we absolutely have to leave her, but when we do, it's for a short time. If we have to keep her at home, she now has a cat companion that can keep her company through a crack in the door; we can't leave them alone together-together or they'll beat each other up. But at least I hope she doesn't feel alone anymore if we need to make emergency runs to places that don’t allow pets.


So, come travel with Marron and us at Okinawa.Org to find some spots that you can bring your furbabies to enjoy too!

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Hello, I'm Marron, an adoptee from Okinawan American Animal Rescue Society (OAARS). I now have a second chance at life with a great family. Come explore all the Okinawa dog-friendly places with us!


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