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The first time that we took Marron to the beach at Senega Island after officially adopting her, she went absolutely crazy. It looked like she had never stepped foot on sand before. At first, she was a little skittish about the whole situation, though, it could've been just her in a new place with new people that she was unfamiliar with.

However, as soon as she found out that she could start digging holes in the sand and how fun it was—as well as how great it tasted—we didn't want to leave and take that excitement away from her. We wanted her to experience as much as she could and ended up staying there until sunset.

This past Sunday, we took a drive with her as usual, down south. We ended up in Itoman and spotted a great beach to go to.

The beach is called Kyan Beach and is located in Itoman City. It's south of Naha if you continue down Route 58, passing Naha International Airport and Senega Island as you drive through Tomigusuku. It's not your typical beach with locker rooms, showers, and lifeguards. It's merely just a rocky and sandy beach which is somewhat hard to access, but enjoyable for the whole family nonetheless.

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It's advised, if you take this trip with your family or dog, to park at Kyan Fishing Port—seen in the pin under "location" below, but straight through the gate because it will only display the toilets on the map and not the Port itself—as there is plenty enough room for parking and bathrooms there also. Though, beach access might be a little difficult for those with strollers or handicaps. In that case, you should park on the street and walk down the hill—do not attempt to drive down!

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It wasn't the usual type of beach with all sand that we usually take her to. Nevertheless, she didn't seem to mind one bit.

Marron walked around the entire beach sniffing up as many scents as she could. She went up and down the seawall looking for something, what, I don't know, and I don't know if she ever found it either.


Her favorite thing to do while there was to seek out friends. She loves any animal, big or small, cat or bird. Though, not too many like her back at first because of her over-reaction, turn to aggression, turn to playfulness. Not many other dogs can read her right away and tend to think that she wants to fight when she only wants a buddy.

She spent a lot of time looking around the rocks finding crabs. In fact, I didn't even notice them until I looked closely at what she was looking for.

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Unfortunately, I don't think crabs even liked her. This one took one look at her and did a 180 back to the ocean.

Marron is just a misunderstood dog and we are still trying to work on her social skills so that she can make friends a lot quicker with other dogs.


Once her social skills with other animals are honed in, she will be loved by everyone as people can't get enough of her with her silky-smooth fur, grown primarily due to her diet consisting of raw meat and other home-cooked meals, and loving personality already.


If your doggo needs a friend, there is a very nice local man that frequents the beach and may bring his dog out to socialize with yours as well, or, just show you really neat stuff around the beach.

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