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Though Okinawa is officially in Japan, it's really its own entity. Okinawa's unique culture and distance from the mainland also means it's often forgotten, this especially applies to when regional designs and promotions take place leaving Okinawa out or last on the list.

That's why this latest news is such a big deal to the residents here.

Since 2017, Coca-Cola has released slim bottles with designs depicting symbols and well-known tourist spots of Japan.

In the latest release, Okinawa will finally be recognized! This brings the total number of designs to 27 at of the time of writing. The real catch though is the bottles are only available in their respective regions—Lucky us for those in Oki!


Source: Coca-Cola Japan

The new Okinawa design features a whale-shark ( ジンベイザメ or jinbezame) and the famous second gate of Shuri-jo, the Shureimon (守礼門). The backside of the bottle has an anemone fish (クマノミ or kumanomi) to reflect the tropical waters of Okinawa.

The slim aluminum bottle will make for a great souvenir to throw in your luggage or to mail home without the worry of it shattering as traditional glass bottles would.

Source: Coca-Cola Japan

The pictured Okinawa design shown above will be released beginning April 1, 2019.

According to the official press release from Coca-Cola, the bottles will be available at souvenir shops, convenience stores, and even in vending machines.

Word to the wise: The farther away from Ginowan to Naha area, the harder it is to find special promotion items. The best bet to get your hands something like this will most likely be Rycom Mall, American Village, Naha Airport, and Kokusai Street. Of course, I hope I'm wrong and they live up to their promise to evenly distribute these bottles.

If you find them outside of the suspected areas, please share the location with the rest of us and Happy Hunting!
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