Living abroad in Okinawa, Japan has its hardships on its own, such as being away from everything that you've ever known for such a long time.

If you happen to prefer American toilet paper over Japanese, ending your day with it flopping all over the floor because it quickly falls out of some Japanese dispensers shouldn't add to your problems.

While scrolling through social media feeds, a life-hack popped up. For some, this can relieve a bit of stress, albeit maybe only a small fraction in the larger picture of things.

If you happen to have a toilet paper holder much like the one shown in the photo above, there's a relatively easy fix for that, unless you don't mind it unwinding on the floor from time to time.

Simply take a short trip down to Makeman — also known as the Monkey Store — and make your way to the piping section.

Makeman, the Monkey Store, sign

Pick out some PVC piping with the recommended 3-centimeter diameter and have them cut it to 10.5 centimeters long. Then, take it home and place your toilet paper roll over the pipe and slide the two into the two flimsy hooks, as shown in the video.

This is a much more economical solution than replacing the entire dispenser.

You should now be able to escape to the bathroom without worry of the toilet paper popping out and rolling across the floor, thus causing a mess that you just might not want to deal with as it could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

That is unless you're a cat owner. That's a whole different issue that you will have to tackle on your own.

Cats being cats and attacking toilet paper rolls. Cat owners know.

But the real question is: Does the toilet paper go over the top or under? You decide!

Story inspired and video created by CJandFriends / ig:isurflikeagirl.
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