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It doesn’t matter where you are from or how old you are, karaoke is the universal attraction that everyone can gather and enjoy together.

However, it seems a bit different from how it is enjoyed depending on the country.

I’ve noticed that in the states, karaoke is usually done publicly in bars and pubs in front of others, but that's not how it normally is here in Okinawa.

If you are on the island and karaoke lover, you can't leave without experiencing what that karaoke really is as it was first created in Japan. So, I thought I would write about how you can use karaoke places around Okinawa with your family, friends or even just yourself!

Karaoke here is a place that has a number of closed rooms with a bench or sofa-style seating.

Empty karaoke room

Each group is provided with a room so no worries even if you have a walking toddler! As a matter of fact, I used to use the karaoke places a lot when my second child was small as well.

Nonetheless, we still all enjoy it to this day!

Family still enjoying karaoke time at Big Echo

When it comes to karaoke, there are so many places for you to go, however, today I will introduce the most popular and famous karaoke place: Big Echo.

Their pricing is a little confusing. For this reason, I would personally recommend their free time system which allows you to stay as long as you want during the time period.

Here is an example of the Big Echo price in Mihama (pinned below):

Free Time System
Open to 20:00
  • With beverage (free refills) - 1080 yen per adult
  • Without beverage (must order 1 drink from the menu) - 600 yen per adult
17:00 to Closing
  • With beverage (free refills) - 1667 yen per adult
  • Without beverage (must order 1 drink from the menu) - 1240 yen per adult
Keep in mind that Big Echo's prices may vary depending on the location.

After telling the staff at the counter the number in your party, you'll be provided with a box of cup(s) for the drinks that you get from the self-service machines.

Basket of cups, one for each person Self-service slushie, coffee, and soda machine at Big Echo

Once you are in the room you will notice a bunch of menus on the table, but also take a look at the posters on the wall to see if there’s another great campaign.

Menus at Big Echo

This visit we ordered 2 sets of hamburgers with fries on the side and it was only 290 yen each!

Hamburger and fry set campaign at Big Echo

There are also kids menus, lunch menus, and other specialty menus to include drink menus as well.

Although you're supposed to use the phone on the wall when ordering, you can just go back to the counter with the menu and point to what you want.

Ordering phone at Big Echo (and other karaoke places)

If you would like to have alcoholic drinks during your time there, just be aware that it can get quite expensive.

Just remember, with all that action, you might have to crank up the AC!

AC remote

Selecting your songs shouldn't be an issue at Big Echo with the various different menu and catalog languages (English included)!

Big Echo tablet language selection Big Echo song lists

Karaoke at Big Echo is a great getaway for anybody when the sun is too hot or the rain pours!
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They used to offer all-you-can-drink and I wonder if they still do... :unsure:

If they don't anymore then it could get so expensive when you're planning to get drunk there as each drink is like 500-600 yen. :eek:
Sorry for the late response! ?

Please let everyone know if you found out whether or not all-you-can-drink (nomihoudai) is still on the menu! ?
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