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The hotel goes by many names to Japanese and English speakers alike: The Royal Hotel, Takahara Hotel or Kogen Hotel. More notably, though, it gained the title of being the "haunted hotel" in Okinawa.

The unfinished Takahara-Kogen Hotel sits no farther away than 50-meters (55-yards) from the walls of the Nakagusuku Castle in Kitanakagusuku, Okinawa.

It was originally planned to be built in order to take advantage of the tourist influx for the 1975 Okinawa Ocean Exposition as it would provide great views of both the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean to its guests.

However, there were numerous worksite accidents during its construction which were believed to be linked to the sacred grounds that it would ultimately rest on. Due to the apparent danger that persisted, workers refused to continue work on it. Because of this, the site gained notoriety around the web as well as the local community for being a haunted place after its abandonment.

Takahara Hotel was also added as an off-limits area to all service members in Okinawa and has also been roped off to local residents for some time now.

The company that started its construction will be dissolved sometime in March 2019 with a restoration of the hotel's area proceeding throughout the remainder of the year.

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