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Today marks the beginning of the longest Golden Week for the first time in Japan's history which will greatly affect business throughout Okinawa.

April 29th and May 3rd to May 6th were already designated as holidays in 2019 to make up Golden Week.

These days are Shōwa Day, a day that honors the birthday of Emperor Shōwa; Constitution Memorial Day, a celebration of the promulgation of the 1947 Constitution of Japan; Greenery Day that was once regarded as Shōwa's birthday but has since been changed to reflect the respect of nature and plants around us, often disregarded and only seen as an extension of Golden Week; and Children's Day—which would be the 5th but is extended to the 6th, or a Monday, as it falls on a Sunday this year—that marks the last day of Golden Week and is set aside to respect children's personalities and their happiness, respectively.

However, the welcoming of the new Japanese Emperor and Reiwa era has changed that as May 1st was added this year to welcome in the new Emporer and era.

Since three days during Golden Week were originally not holidays and May 1st was added, April 30th and May 2nd were included in Golden Week as per Japanese law there can't be a separation of a holiday by 1 day.

Due to the prolonged holiday, you can expect many more Okinawa business hours to be changed or modified and even some doors unexpectedly closed during the next ten days.
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