Adventure Fun For Everyone At Treehouse Adventure Playground

Seeking a bit of adventure while visiting or living in Okinawa!
Looking for a day outdoors of fun-filled play and discovery for the whole family? Treehouse Adventure Playground in Urasoe is just what you may be looking for!

Not only does the place have a gorgeous playground to have your little ones play, but it's also for adults to embark on a little discovery of their own. Treehouse Adventure Playground is right next to Urasoe Park which is a massive park with open play fields to let the kids play and run around. Additionally, there are many walking trails throughout.

Urasoe Park Trail

Treehouse Adventure Playground is suitable for all ages, from toddlers to big kids.

The toddler play area at Treehouse Adventure Playground

The toddler playground is gated and is also partially covered. It's perfect for keeping your little ones from wandering off like my son likes to often do. The ground is made of a cushioning material so guardians should have no worries about the little ones hurting themselves.

The older kid's play area at Treehouse Adventure Playground

The big kid's play area has a lot of slides, zip lines, monkey bars, swings, and much more, also on a cushioned ground.

The restrooms are equipped with changing tables and a bathroom large enough to fit a big stroller inside. Just be aware that the facilities don't have garbage cans to dispose of diapers so you must bring them out with you. Because of this, it's advised to bring bags of your own—they only have recycling bins for pet bottles and cans in the area.

Bonus for parents needing a rest too: There are a lot of shaded benches to sit around and watch your kids enjoy themselves too!

A great place at Urasoe Park to have a picnic

Treehouse Adventure Playground is a fantastic place to enjoy a picnic and venture around Urasoe Park's grounds. You will find many walking paths surrounded by greenery and flowers.

A small bridge at Urasoe Park

There is a beautiful trail that takes you along a river and many bridges to cross over. Walk at your own pace and breath in the beauty all around you.

Urasoe Park bridge The intricate stone work for the sides of the bridge

For those with furbabies at home, don't forget them behind and include them on your trip too as the playground and park are pet-friendly!

Address: 1-Chome-18 Toyama, Urasoe, Okinawa 901-2104
(See the map below or use Google Maps and type in Treehouse Adventure Playground. Make sure it’s located in Urasoe).
Hours: 0900-2100
Parking: Free onsite parking
Restrooms and vending machines: Onsite
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