Two weeks ago, our official Facebook Page, Okinawa Questions, posted a poll on behalf of a discussion taking place in our Okinawa Questions forum.

Within the thread, there was a Family Mart leaning discussion with members such as @WA6 chiming in to say that they spend nearly 1/4th of their income at Family Mart as it is in close proximity to their house. The founder of Okinawa.Org, @David, then stated that all his spare change primary goes to Family Mart, but would settle on Lawson if absolutely necessary.

As the thread and poll were posted across several Facebook groups, both in English and in Japanese, the discussion continued to be more in-depth and led to reasons as to why people chose the sides that they did.

Family Mart Snacks Lawson Snacks

Some were pro-Family Mart, while others were pro-Lawsons. However, there were quite a few that shared the same sentiments about both. Steve Allbritton said, "Either one will do in a pinch."

Family Mart Spicy Chicken Lawson Chicken Nuggets

Rubie Obsuna prefers the spicy chicken at Family Mart while she still enjoys Lawson's chicken nuggets and Alexi Hickson prefers Lawson for their coffee and milk teas.

Lawson Coffee Lawson Milk Tea

And then there were those that miss Coco, a convenience store that was bought out by Family Mart in 2015. Justin Thompson stated, "they’re pretty much the same," when referring to Family Mart and Lawson. However, he added that Coco was the best as some had bakeries and better bento boxes.

Then there are the converters: Chandler Earnest used to be Team Lawsons for a long time but is now Team Family Mart as he thinks that they have much better food over Lawson.

Beistine Family Sporting Ryukyu Rising's Family Mart vs. Lawson Collection

The Famima and Lawson feud even have families torn apart! (Pictured above: The Beistline family)

Overall, the poll on Facebook closed with the winner being Family Mart at 315 votes (64%) versus Lawson's 179 (36%).

Okinawa Questions' poll results for Family Mart vs. Lawson

By popular opinion, it's clear who the real winner is. Nonetheless, it's also evident that there are sides and different people have different preferences for different reasons.

Unbeknownst to us, @Ryukyu Rising, a street and fitness wear apparel line, started out with a Team Lawson vs. Team Family collection line. They reached out to Okinawa.Org and graciously offered our readers an additional 10% off their entire clothing line as well as extend the sale of their current Team line for even more savings.

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And, don't forget to grab a chu-hai (or beer) tonight for after work from either place!

Okinawa Chu-Hai and Beer
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