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Hand sanitizers and masks are at high demand but yet have a very low supply if any, wherever you go. Whether you're lucky enough to get on base or have to shop off base, there's a shortage of all the necessities on the frontline for the battle against COVID-19. This leaves most to rely on just the alcohol going in and out of establishments followed by proper handwashing to protect themselves from coming into contact with coronavirus while out and about.

However, Tadataka Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. has come up with quite a pleasant solution.

They have redistilled some of their awamori to be 65% alcohol content by volume. As it includes some oils to protect its contents against mold during the brewing process, it's said to be less harsh on the skin.

Whether you're in search of something to protect against coronavirus in Okinawa or want a stiff, locally distilled drink, in the evening, CHUKO 65% is the answer for you.

They will be selling CHUKO 65% at commercial stores and at the company's directly managed store in Tomigusuku from April 22, 2020.

It will be packaged in 360mL bottles and sold for 900 yen, excluding tax.

See the map below or check commercial chains such as AEON after the 22nd. For inquiries in Japanese, call the distillery at 098-851-8813.
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Now they are sold way cheaper! The government decided not to put tax on it.

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