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By September 11, 2020, Okinawa Regional Customs had 16 cases of illegal drugs caught at Naha International Airport and other ports of entry in the first half of the year, reporting from January to June.

This is a decrease of 38% from the same period the previous year.

Japan Customs reports that one of the main factors of lower drug seizures rate in Okinawa is due to the fact that international flights and cruise ships have been canceled since February due to the prevalence of the new coronavirus infection, also stating that they are witnessing a reduction nationwide.

Thus far, there have been 5 cases of illegal drug smuggling by airplane which is 8 fewer cases than the previous year. Additionally, illegal drugs being mailed in was decreased by 1 to 11 cases.

No sailors have been caught smuggling drugs into Okinawa either.
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People who do drugs are not bad people. Japan's drug laws are archaic and draconian. Marijuana should be legal. Harder drugs should not be legal but they should not include such harsh penalties.

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