Wrapping It Up

After walking around for a few hours, the kids, or yourself, may be running low on energy. Pick yourself up some food, snacks, or drinks⁠—including beer and cocktails⁠!—at the café and enjoy.

This may energize the kids, or even entice you to do one more lap around the first floor to see it in another "perspective" (as to why the aquarium walk-through is somewhat out of order) if you kicked back a beer or two.

When you're done at the aquarium, exit through the automated gate.

It's not over yet!

Of course, an aquarium wouldn't be complete without a gift shop at the end. They sell a lot of stuffed sea creatures, backpacks that you can make into diaper bags, other miscellaneous items, and local Okinawa snacks like chinsuko. Pick yourself up a souvenir or two and enjoy the rest of your day!

Not all pictures are seen in this blog post. Be sure to check out the DMM Kariyushi Aquarium walk-through gallery to get a full experience of the place.
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