Saltwater Fish & Mammals

After you've caught, or seen, rather, all of the checkpoint items on your phone, you will enter into a larger area with an open tank with a beautiful sunny day backdrop.

The next stop you can take is a dark room. It may seem intimidating at first, but, it's quite fun! Take off your shoes and walk atop a lot of fish, rays, and even whale sharks that swim beneath you.

When done, exit and see the rest of the tanks touch tanks the aquarium has to offer.

But don't forget to check out the sea otters hidden in the far corner before going downstairs (taking the stairs, escalator, or elevator).

Don't think this is the end of your experience at the aquarium though!

Not all pictures are seen in this blog post. Be sure to check out the DMM Kariyushi Aquarium walk-through gallery to get a full experience of the place.
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