Individual Tanks

Once you get to the first floor, you'll see a lot of tanks with various fish in each one—from to seahorses to even lobster (yum)!

There's a room just past that that has pillars of tanks. They look much bigger than they are because the room is lined with mirrors. If you bring kids, you can get lost in here for a while as the jellyfish change colors with the internal tank lights that also rotate colors.

On your way out of the jellyfish room, you will face a circular window. Here is a great photo opportunity as the rays swim past. This is a look in from the bottom of the tank that you walked on upstairs!

Around the corner from here is an even larger view of the tank from below that will mesmerize you as fish swim past.

On the opposing wall is a fake aquarium with plenty of digital fish. While it's a fake tank, it's still amusing to watch.

Not all pictures are seen in this blog post. Be sure to check out the DMM Kariyushi Aquarium walk-through gallery to get a full experience of the place.
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