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DMM Kariyushi Aquarium may not be the largest aquarium in Okinawa, but it does provide a good time for couples, families, or aspiring marine biologists. Getting there is not a challenge either. It's a 10-minute drive from the airport if heading south on 58 or 10 minutes from the last exit (A4) after the airport junction on the expressway—no need to head hours out of your way for an aquatic underworld experience in Okinawa any longer!

The aquarium is located on the second floor of Iias Okinawa Toyosaki, a new mall with over 200 department stores just minutes down the road from the upscale shopping center, Ashibinaa Outlet Mall. As such, it gives you the ability to find something to do, whether that be outdoors at Chura-Sun Beach (Toyosaki Park) or indoors pursing through the many stores that Iias has to offer.

If you just came for the aquarium, take the stairs or escalator up to the second floor and hook a left if you chose outdoor parking. You'll be welcomed by the DMM Kariyushi Aquarium sign and entrance on your left.

However, you must get tickets first. If you have cash on hand, use the automated ticket machines to get in quicker. The machines don't take international cards, so if you're traveling cashless, go straight to the ticket counter to avoid getting a ticket to enter later than planned as they only let a certain number in at a time to avoid congestion.

Get your tickets and claim your spot in the roped-off, well-lit, lobby to wait your turn to enter. Once you get to scan your ticket, that's not all before you can experience DMM Kariyushi Aquarium.

You will have to queue up one more time. The staff will let about 15-30 people enter into a seemingly dark room at once. Grab a bench and look forward for an immersed virtual tour of Okinawa.

Not all pictures are seen in this blog post. Be sure to check out the DMM Kariyushi Aquarium walk-through gallery to get a full experience of the place.
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OK, I took the tour. Like Wow! I thought it was just videos. Okinawa must be a fun place to live, work and enjoy life these days.
DMM Kariyushi Aquarium ? Ya know i never knew this was even here on Okinawa and that tells you that i really don't get out a lot :cry:. Plus i really don't pay attention to things either as i am really getting to busy to do anything lately. Nice to know this information though
It looks like Churaumi Aquarium gave DMM Kariyushi Aquarium a run for their money. Only a couple days after opening Kariyushi Aquarium with technology to identify and learn more about the different species on display in your smartphones with checkpoints, Churaumi released a similar app on June 24, 2020, that is point and shoot with your camera.

I must say that the innovation behind the AI of Churaumi's app surely beats DMM's as you need to use Bluetooth and to match the picture and species physically in front of you, potentially creating more crowds at Kariyushi Aquarium, while Churaumi's does all the work for you with a camera click alone!

Though, it could take the "hide and seek" aspect out of it as well...

Nonetheless, I will have to give this new app a try next time I'm up north.

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