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A frequently asked question amongst people on Okinawa Questions pages and those interested in coming here is where to find a great camping spot on the beach.

Okinawa, being an island, has a lot of coastlines. Because of that, there are plenty of areas to set up camp. However, some of those areas, such as Hippie Beach, require special permission from the city to pitch a tent. Furthermore, some areas of Okinawa aren't the best for camping for various reasons either.

Main beach entrance Tide out at Kitanashiro Beach

That's not the case with Itoman City's Kitanashiro Beach, though.

Kitanashiro Beach restroom

Kitanashiro Beach offers the seclusion that most are looking for, as well as some great snorkeling and swimming waters. In addition to that, there are proper facilities that one would expect at a campsite, minus the showers. I would still recommend bringing your own toiletries though.

BBQ on Kitanashiro Beach Camping out of the back of a van on Kitanashiro Beach

The locals, who also come out to the beach in order to camp out of the backs of their cars or in tents and have barbeques said that swimming near the coastline isn't the best because of the sharp rocks. They recommended shoes if you do go swimming while the tide is out.

Though, it is better farther out to not only swim but to go snorkeling as well.

If you're brave enough to claim a private beach and campsite all to yourself, you can do that here too.

Kayaks on the beach Separation of Ejina Island from Kitanashiro Beach

Load your SUP or kayak up with camping supplies and travel around Ejina Island looking for the perfect place for a private camping experience.

Kitanashiro Beach boat ramp access road Kitanashiro Beach boat ramp

If you happen to have a 4x4, you can drive a little farther down from the main beach entrance and get down to the sand using the boat ramp. This will give you a bit more seclusion from the main camp area too, while still keeping you more inland, so to say.

Whether you decide to camp out here or not, it's still a perfect place to take your dogs as it's pet-friendly.

Dog on the beach Marron exploring the beach

One group of campers had their dog out, and we, of course, took @Marron with us on our daily exploration too!

Tidepools Beach sand

With the tidepools at low tide and the great length of the sand for kids to play in, this can be a fun beach for the entire family. It's not too far out of the way to get to and is still relatively close to civilization while providing some necessary peace and quiet away from it all.

Kitanashiro Beach rules

Just remember, swim at your own risk! This beach is not watched over by any lifeguards and children must always be accompanied by adults.

Beach trash left behind

Oh, and please be respectful; don't leave your trash behind for others to pick up.
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We have stayed there overnight recently and it was very quiet at night even with a lot of people camping. If you would like to have a quiet and peaceful night at a beach this is definitely a perfect place :)


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It is nice that there's a bathroom but do I need to bring my own toilet paper?
Is the beach open nowadays, pandemic and all?
A lot of the private beaches close during this time as it is winter. However, throughout the pandemic, they were closed to visitors too. Public beaches that are operated/cleaned by the respective city they are in were hit or miss roped off too.

Though, this did not stop anyone from camping out on public beaches like Kitanashiro Beach. I went to check this spot out mid-way through the pandemic to see what was going on, if anything. They had yellow caution tape up blocking the entrance, but it looked like people took it down to let their cars through and then put it back up once they were set up to camp.

Kitanashiro is not far from where I live, but it's just too cold to go check it out now. If there's a sunny day between now and Sunday, I'll go check it out to see if it's open and if they still have running water in the restroom there. I suspected they cut that when the blockade tape went up, which would be very unhygienic if they knew people weren't going to follow the senseless rules (as they aren't law). I'll hopefully have a report on both! :)

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