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Bullfighting on Okinawa is often described as bloodless in comparison with those in Spain.
While it is true that no bulls are sacrificed at the mercy of matador’s sword on Okinawa, that doesn’t mean that the game is a stranger to the same thrill and excitement.
Good news for those who have not seen bullfighting. The dome constantly hosts a couple of bullfighting events per month. The next one will be the Yomitan Bull Fight on Jan. 27.
“People may think that it’s just bulls pushing each other. But there’s more than that. Just like human martial arts, skills and mentality play a big part,” said Taishi Iha, who is a play-by-play announcer for the bull fights.
For bull handlers and owners, it’s the tough competition that attracts them.
Bullfighting in Okinawa is often acclaimed for its popularity and success as an entertainment. The dome is commonly filled to the capacity when the fights take place, but some are looking at an even bigger goal.
If you haven’t experienced bullfighting live, Jan. 27 is your next opportunity. Don’t miss out on another truly unique Okinawan experience.
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