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If you've spent any time on social media, you've no doubt seen people posing with ornate or colorful mural wings.

The Global Angel Wings Project was created in 2012 "to remind humanity we are the angels of this Earth." Founder Colette Miller has painted wings all over the world since the project inception.

Okinawa is, fortunately, one of the locations as of 2017! Ms. Millers' artwork is found in American Village, on the 3rd floor of the Depot Island Building. They are on a balcony to the left of the Christmas Land store, as you're facing the entrance of the store, before Love Nails salon.

The popularity of the wings—and let's be honest, the fun of posing with them—has inspired numerous artists throughout the island.

Now that the weather has cooled down, capturing your own album with the wings is a great way to get out and explore Okinawa. While it is feasible to get them all in one day, I recommend you take your time and enjoy the sites at each location.

Happy wing chasing and be sure to read the helpful footnotes to understand more!

What to expect from the list below:
Here are a just a few of the wings you will find in our list below. Though, there are plenty more where that came from!


Southern Okinawa

Central Okinawa

Northern Okinawa

[SUP]1[/SUP] Art and businesses are constantly changing in Okinawa. This is the complete known list as of December 2019. One set previously on Kouri-jima no longer exists as the building has been torn down and another set in Nago outside of the business SeaLiving is also gone as t was painted over.

[SUP]2[/SUP] This list may be updated at any time, either by the author or commenters. It's best to sign up and/or "Watch" this article's comments and discussion thread to receive updates on new wing locations in Okinawa when they appear if it's decided on there is not enough to merit another blog post.
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I am definitely going to have to take a few snaps with my daughter for her Instagram, funwithlana (follow if you have kids). She may even have a story to tell for her own YouTube channel (definitely subscribe if you have a wolfpack too) about the areas around it and the wings themselves in future videos. Go ahead and make her day by clicking the subscribe button below!

Subscribe and let #55 make her night before bed!

(My apologies, photography is one thing, but it's harder adding that cinematography into the mix to make some decent videos that'll pick up and get her to her going—her first video, going up tonight, will be her blaming me for that ?)

Where should we go first, @Snow? ?
Where should we go first, @Snow? ?

It is so hard to pick but we definitely will check them all!

I'm sure we'll see the ones in American Village first as we go there quite often. There are 6 in the area which can make for a good girls only time out! :)

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