Adventure A Must Go: Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island

Seeking a bit of adventure while visiting or living in Okinawa!
When it is very usual to see many Americans hanging out in specific areas up north, I’ve noticed that the majority of them haven’t yet discovered other great places to hang out in the southern areas of Okinawa.

So, I thought that I’d share this remarkable place that my family and I like to go to whenever we feel like getting away from the daily hassle.

Umikaji Terrace on Senega Island is located just a mere 10-minute drive south of Naha Airport if you were to travel Route 58 or 10 minutes after the last Expressway exit of the Naha Airport junction.

Although the bridge connecting the main island of Okinawa to Senega Island is not as long as the one to Kouri Island, from the moment you start to travel down it, you will begin to feel disconnected from the hustle.

Before continuing on to Senega Island, don’t forget to stop on the way in to enjoy some aircraft — from big to small — flying straight overhead, whether they’re landing or taking off, as you will be in the flight line of Naha Airport. It’s pretty amazing to be right underneath a four-engine airplane as it approaches, roaring seemingly just feet over your head!

A four engine turbo prop making a landing at Naha International Airport flying over Senaga Island Plassenger plane flying over Senaga Island on its approach to Naha International Airport

It’s up to you to whether to take a left or stay straight after the bridge as both ways eventually meet up as the road wraps the island. However, if you do go straight, you will be faced with only parking to the left as it will eventually turn into a one-way road. This is usually a good area to make a U-turn and park in as many others will choose taking the first left to usually find no parking on busier days.

Once you’re situated, get out and make your way to Umikaji Terrace. You can’t miss the place! There are many small buildings and stairwells built into the hillside underneath the large hotel on the island.

I’m not sure whether you’d be into eating a decent amount of food while on your visit there, but no need to worry, there are places that serve light snacks such as fried potatoes and chicken, scones and cakes, as well as ice cream. If you feel like drinking, grab a bottle or glass of beer while you’re there too—just be sure to have a designated driver or daiko reserved!

Umikaji Terrace beer

Still doesn’t sound like anything special so far? Maybe not yet. Not until the sun sets and the beautiful reflection stretches over the ocean in front of your eyes. It’s such a stunning view that I believe that you’d like to go back to see again.

Just be sure to walk up and down the stairs trying to find the best location before grabbing dinner. You could possibly even get there earlier and get a hammock to relax in, though, this does cost, so be prepared!

Hammock cafe at Umikaji Terrace Sunset over the East China Sea viewable from the Hammock cafe at Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island

I’m sure you’ll want to return again at some point, and, possibly stay the night at the Ryukyu Onsen Senagajima Hotel up the hill on a staycation too.

While many people are left with no choice but just heading back home after eating out, Umikaji Terrace offers you a small, but a very unique experience that’s totally free of charge: An ashiyu, or a warm water foot bath.

The ashiyu spreads about 2 yards long allowing for up to 5 people on each side to soak their feet in it. If you have a little one(s), it can be a nice activity to do closing out the visit for the entire family. As such, it’s advised to bring a towel or two from home to dry your feet off afterward.

Our daughter using the free outdoor ashiyu (foot bath) at Umikaji Terrace Close up view of foot bath at Umikaji on Senaga Island

By the time you leave this tiny, but the amazing island of Senega, I’m sure you will feel refreshed and ready for the next day!

View of the East China Sea from a higher floor in Umikaji Terrace on Senaga Island
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More pictures from Umikaji terrace! We love hanging out here at night, as the lighting is very pretty :)


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