Enjoy your day at none other than the multiple beaches that Okinawa has to offer
As Okinawa is surrounded by water, you don't need to travel very far to find a beach. However, you sometimes might need to go out of your way in order to satisfy your entire family, pets included.

There's a beach that you might be passing day-in-day-out on your way to work, to and from PARCO CITY, or just when driving around Okinawa, and not even realizing it.

Waves at Satohama Beach in Urasoe

Its name is Satohama Beach and its the only beach in Urasoe City. When the tides are just right, it offers something for everyone, from kids to adults, and even your dogs.

Marron and her friend at Satohama Beach in Urasoe

It's a great little beach with nice clear and clean water that offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy what you want. From swimming, to stand up paddle boarding, to fishing, or just watching the sunset with your best friend, Satohama Beach can offer the experience.

Best friends on the seawall enjoying the sunset together

Satohama Beach has a dedicated parking lot that can fit approximately 25 cars. At any rate, take note of the parking lot hours as it opens at 0900 and closes at 2100, no exceptions.

The parking lot for Satohama Beach

To get to Satohama Beach is a walk. You're going to need to first cross the street parallel with the water and not towards it.

Crosswalk to head towards Satohama Beach

As it's not staffed or netted off, you're not going to find the typical beach amenities such as showers or bathrooms there. So, be prepared and remember that the only restrooms offered were on the way in when you crossed the street headed towards the beach.

Satohama Beach restrooms

To finally get to the beach, go under the tunnel and through the clearing.

Tunnel to Satohama Beach The clearing after the tunnel

You'll come to an opening in the fence about yay-wide. Walk it approximately 15 meters and you'll get to Satohama Beach.

Satohama Beach clearing narrowing Trail to Satohama Beach

You can come here to play in the water with your kids.

Kid-friendly Satohama Beach

Or perhaps, have a barbeque all together.

Satohama Beach BBQ

There are some pretty good views atop Kamaji, the turtle-shaped rock at the beach's end too!

A view of the 'turtle rock' on Satohama Beach

To get up, use the makeshift stairway and rope located on its left side (pictured above) if you have to.

Path up to Turtle Rock Rope to assist on getting up to Turtle Rock

Then, follow the trail up.

Trail to get on top of Turtle Rock

By the looks of it, if you're into fishing, this is the place to be too. Be that as it may, what lurks these waters, I don't know.

Locals fishing from Turtle Rock Locals Fishing from Turtle Rock

Yet, I still wouldn't think about diving off this spot! The water doesn't look too deep to me from this height, and the tide is fully in. Nonetheless, snorkeling the area might be a nice activity, though.

Full tide at Satohama Beach atop Turtle Rock

The romantics can sit on the seawall and enjoy a nice sunset together as well.

Satohama Beach seawall path Sunset off the Satohama Beach seawall

I've also heard that this beach is good for standing-up paddleboarders as it's quite open and goes into an inlet with bridge pier obstacles to board around.

Satohama Beach (Kamaji) bridge

If you haven't been to Satohama Beach yet, this is one that you'll have to put on your bucket list. Or, perhaps add it to your routine to please your pups every once in a while.

Satohama Beach: Dog friendly

We'll definitely be headed here more often to give @Marron some surf and sand time!

Marron loving it at Satohama Beach in Urasoe, Okinawa

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Below is a pinned location to the parking lot for Satohama Beach.
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That is one of the many things I love about Okinawa.. There is always a new beach to discover!

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